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How to Heal Mastitis and Blocked Ducts Without Antibiotics

Breastfeeding isn't easy. What makes it even LESS easy is mastitis and blocked milk ducts. It isn't entirely uncommon for moms to experience one or both of these issues (20% of Western moms experience it apparently) and I was one of them! Maybe I thought I would just get lucky, maybe I thought it just… Continue reading How to Heal Mastitis and Blocked Ducts Without Antibiotics

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Breastfeeding As A Mothering Tool

I was scrolling through Instagram recently, (which if you don't follow me, my handle is @mymotherhoodtokyo) and I paused to read a post from one of my favorite breastfeeding mamas @littlepeachlondon. She was talking about the benefits of breastfeeding and how breastfeeding was a "mothering tool". I thought this was just about the most perfect… Continue reading Breastfeeding As A Mothering Tool

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Breastfeeding Support in Tokyo

First, I just want to say, breastfeeding is HARD! And breastfeeding is even harder without support. Getting help, especially in the early days, does not mean you are a bad mother. In fact, it's the opposite! Asking for help is exactly what you should do if things aren't going well because even though breastfeeding is… Continue reading Breastfeeding Support in Tokyo