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Breastfeeding As A Mothering Tool

I was scrolling through Instagram recently, (which if you don't follow me, my handle is @mymotherhoodtokyo) and I paused to read a post from one of my favorite breastfeeding mamas @littlepeachlondon. She was talking about the benefits of breastfeeding and how breastfeeding was a "mothering tool". I thought this was just about the most perfect… Continue reading Breastfeeding As A Mothering Tool

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Baby Led Weaning And Why It Worked For Us

I can specifically remember, when Asahi was about five months old, sitting at my table eating my usual peanut butter oatmeal and realizing  that in a month I was going to need to make not only my breakfast but his! Five months postpartum was TOUGH. The four month sleep regression was still killing us and… Continue reading Baby Led Weaning And Why It Worked For Us