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Misconceptions About TTC While Breastfeeding

I recently posted on Instagram about starting my TTC journey for baby #2 and so many people shared their own stories and supportive words. The topic of breastfeeding while trying to conceive came up a couple of times so I wanted to share a bit about what I've researched because it seems there are some… Continue reading Misconceptions About TTC While Breastfeeding

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A Few Reasons Why I Love Breastfeeding My Toddler

Before I had Asahi, I knew I wanted to breastfeed for sure but I don't think I had any idea how long we would continue. We have now been breastfeeding exclusively (seriously, not even one bottle of formula because he wouldn't drink it!) for over 16 months and to be honest, the thought of quitting… Continue reading A Few Reasons Why I Love Breastfeeding My Toddler

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How I Deal With Sleep Deprivation

Ah sleep deprivation, the most dreaded part of parenthood, the thing everyone warned you about...and you know what? It's real! No matter how many all nighters you pulled in college or how many times you woke up to pee while pregnant, nothing can truly prepare you for being as sleep deprived as you will be… Continue reading How I Deal With Sleep Deprivation

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7 Tips for Making Mom Friends in Tokyo

Moving to Tokyo? Planning to have a family or you already have one? You have seriously come to the right place! Tokyo is surprisingly fantastic for kids and equally as fantastic for connecting with new mom friends, a necessity for all moms! Here are my top seven tips for making new mom friends in Tokyo:… Continue reading 7 Tips for Making Mom Friends in Tokyo